Dolph Ziggler Talks WWE, His Career So Far, Doing Stand-Up Comedy, Does WWE Have Issues With His Routines?

dolph zigglerDolph Ziggler participated in an interview with Isaac Kozell of Savage Henry Magazine earlier this year, which was recently published in their “wrestling” issue. Dolph talks about his WWE career so far, how he spends his downtime, when he finds time to write stand-up comedy routines, WWE’s feelings towards him performing comedy, his contract status, and much more. 

(*Note* – This interview was conducted before Ziggler’s contract discussions and re-signing a new deal were known) 

Dolph Ziggler Talks WWE, his 2015 in-ring year so far: 

2015 is actually going pretty well. A lot of this business is timing and luck. There are hundreds – maybe thousands – in the world who are better than me, yet here I am 11 years later, just a step outside that coveted gold circle, fighting for my career every step of the way. It’s not always about wins and losses, but winning two Survivor Series matches is something I will never forget.

Dolph Talks About His WWE Status, The Possibility Of Leaving: 

In the last year I got an agent and a manager, just because I’m constantly asked to be a part of different outside projects. Even though I only get a few days off, I do not stop. Whether it’s getting some stage time at an open mic, or flying to L.A. to watch a ton of stand-up shows. I’m slowly moving into movies and tons of outside projects in the next few months. I’m finally starting to book some stand-up dates too. At the end of the day, it’s just to be a better WWE superstar [and] also make myself a bigger asset, that is in demand. There’s a few months left on my current contract and I’m in the process of deciding. I love this business more than anything; hopefully it loves having me.

When does he write his comedy routines? 

I have a lot of downtime in airports and on flights. I make it a point to write something everyday. I try tons of ideas out on Twitter and even though most wrestling fans don’t always get it, they also had a little trouble connecting to Dennis Miller when he hosted raw once. (Laughs)

Does WWE have any issues with his comedy routines? 

WWE has no issues with my stand-up. I do not miss work for any reason and will continue to work around my schedule because I’m a professional and do not allow complacency or laziness.