TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/15) – X Division Title Defended, New KO’s Champion, EC3 vs Galloway!

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Drew Galloway vs Ethan Carter III (c)

Ethan and Drew trade chops a few times, then Drew whips him but Ethan ducks and rolls outside. Drew chases him and hits him in the back, then Drew chops him again before Ethan takes a cheap shot. Drew gets caught with a clothesline by Tyrus, and he gets sent into ringpost as the ref is checking on Ethan in the corner. Eli Drake comes out on his crutches to check on Drew, and warns Tyrus to back away as we go to a break.

We get back to see Ethan hit a suplex and a few elbow drops, then he applies a Camel Clutch before taunting Drew. Ethan slams Drew’s head on the mat and sends him into the corner, then Drew comes back with a diving clothesline and a side slam driver. Tyrus tries to interfere and grabs Drew’s leg, then Ethan splashes him and throws a few more chops. 

Drew gets fired up and chops the hell out of Ethan, then Drew inadvertently elbows the ref and knocks him down. Ethan takes a cheap shot at Drew as Tyrus runs in, but Eli holds him off and threatens to hit Tyrus with his crutch. Tyrus backs away but Eli ends up hitting Drew with the crutch, revealing his knee was fine the whole time. Ethan looks shocked at what happened, but ends up hitting the One Percenter for the win. 

Winner – Ethan Carter III

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