TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/15) – X Division Title Defended, New KO’s Champion, EC3 vs Galloway!

Brooke vs Taryn Terrell (c) (w/ The Dollhouse)

Taryn hits Brooke a few times and taunts her, then she slaps Brooke but Brooke comes back with some dropkicks. Jade and Marti distract her and Taryn shoves Brooke outside, then she stomps her as the ref warns The Dollhouse to back off. Taryn rolls her in but Brooke connects with some clotheslines, then Taryn reverses a whip and mocks her. Brooke turns and spears her, then she heads up top as Marti distracts the ref. Jade shoves Brooke across the ring, then the lights go out and Gail Kim appears, laying out Jade and whipping Marti into the ringpost. The lights go back out, and Brooke uses the distraction to hit Taryn with a facebuster for the win. 

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion – Brooke

Kurt Angle comes out and says he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Bully Ray all the time, but they agree on one thing. Kurt says Bully told him his rematch with EC3 ‘never happened’ and he will get another title shot when he wants it. He says that’s a good thing because he found out this week that he needs to have surgery, and he will be out for awhile. Kurt goes to sum things up but Eric Young cuts him off, and he says EC3 didn’t beat Kurt, he did.

Eric says he wants credit for putting Kurt on the shelf but he won’t take it, because it’s just nature telling Kurt it’s time to hang it up. Eric says he may only have one piledriver left, but he wants Kurt gone for good and slugs him. Eric sends Kurt into the stairs a few times, then he goes for a piledriver on the floor but Chris Melendez chases him away. Sarge checks on Kurt so Eric runs back down, and kicks Sarge before piledriving him on the floor.