TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/15) – X Division Title Defended, New KO’s Champion, EC3 vs Galloway!

20 Man Battle Royal

Winner Faces EC3 Tonight

Everyone basically picks a corner and fights for an elimination, with Norv Fernum and Shark Boy going out early. We get a few more quick eliminations before Abyss and Sarge get sent outside, then Magnus is sent outside as we go to a break. We get back to see three men remaining, and Eric Young and MVP team up against Drew Galloway. Drew ends up near the ropes and Eric actually throws MVP over the ropes, but Drew dropkicks Eric outside after blocking a piledriver.

Winner – Drew Galloway 

Bully Ray sees Rockstar Spud in the back, and Spud says he knows they’ve never seen eye-to-eye, and Bully tells him to relax. Spud seems down about losing the X Division title and losing out on opportunities, but Bully hypes him up. Bully says Spud went toe-to-toe with Kurt Angle and he is a great champion, and he’s giving him another shot. Bully says Spud is getting a shot at being a three-time X Division champion, and he should head to the ring.  

X Division Championship

Rockstar Spud vs Grado vs DJZ vs Tigre Uno (c) 

Zema scores some early dropkicks, then Uno knocks him down before Grado hits a neckbreaker for two. Grado and Spud each jab Zema before they argue a bit, then Uno dropkicks them both before connecting with several clotheslines. Uno hits an enziguiri before splash Zema and Spud on the floor, then Uno takes Grado out with a corkscrew splash for the win. 

Winner – Tigre Uno