TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/15) – X Division Title Defended, New KO’s Champion, EC3 vs Galloway!

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

July 15th 2015

Report By Bill Pritchard for

Dixie Carter is shown in the ring surrounded by the TNA locker room, and she talks about how she broke her back the last time she had such an audience. She says power went to her head and she apologizes for taking them all for granted, but she wants to start a new chapter in TNA. Dixie says the future is easy to doubt, but she says there is a new law who will make things right and fair. Ethan Carter III cuts her off and demands to know who it is, but Dixie says she loves Ethan and introduces… Bully Ray! 

Ethan looks horrified, and Bully stares at him on the way down to the ring, and he shakes everyone’s hand standing at ringside. Bully says Dixie called him and immediately said she was sorry, and she was sorry for letting everyone down. He says he was angry with Dixie for a long time, but he would only come back to the company for these fans and the roster. Bully says they aren’t beneath him so they should stand on the ring with him, and Bully says they all care about this company. He says he will shake her hand and accept the job, then they shake on it and now they should focus on having a good wrestling show right now.