Full Recap of Roddy Piper Addressing the Steve Austin Controversy on His Podcast, Talks WWE Legends Deal, PodcastOne and More

roddy piper spoken word tourDuring his podcast today, WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper addressed the recent Steve Austin controversy, which resulted in Piper’s podcast being pulled from PodcastOne and his WWE Legends deal being dropped. The entire Piper podcast is available via iTunes at this link.

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To quickly recap the events which took place on Piper’s podcast, Piper today said comedian Will Sasso appeared on his podcast shortly after WrestleMania this year, and did an impression of Steve Austin. The podcast then took a one month hiatus, and returned, but not via PodcastOne. Piper said after 6 hours, the Sasso podcast was pulled from PodcastOne, and Piper was threatened to be fired from PodcastOne.

When his podcast returned, Piper said Sasso had been doing great impressions of wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Steve Austin. When Jim Duggan called into the podcast, Piper had Sasso do his Austin impression so that Duggan could “rip into” Austin on the air. While in the Steve Austin character, Sasso, Piper and Duggan joked about various Austin subjects, like Austin’s heat with Vince McMahon, quitting WWE, Austin only having one friend (his dog), and Piper even joked Austin made his whole career off three words: “What” and “Hell Yeah.”

Following the episode, Roddy Piper was subsequently released from his WWE Legends deal, which prompted speculation that Austin might have been the one responsible for Piper’s firing.