Former OVW Talent & Current 2CW Star Bin Hamin Speaks About Dixie Carter Almost Buying OVW & Danny Davis’ Future

WZD-three-colorThe following is an exerpt from the 7/10/15 edition of WrestleZone Daily featuring WZD host Nick Hausman & former OVW Talent & current 2CW Talent Bin Hamin (aka Ben Duerr).

Ben worked as an on-air talent and manager of “The Insurgency” as Bin Hamin from 2006-09. He also served as a writer for OVW TV from 2008-09.

NH: I know that with Dixie she was in the mix it sounds like for possibly purchasing OVW. Because Danny (Davis) alluded to the fact that a “Southern Lady” had possibly offered him a seven figure deal and it doesn’t sound like it went through. Do you think that’s a shoot or do you think he’s working people?

EF: No, I know that there was three genuine offers on which way he wanted to go. I don’t think Danny is out of the business by any means. I think as the majority share holder and the direction of the company he wants to be free of that so he can focus on making that “next level talent,” or, doing what he wants to do creatively. And to run that company and do that I think he wants to turn that side over to someone who he doesn’t worry about paying all the bills and doing all the creative, recruiting new class members and getting the product out there. I think he (Danny) is going to move on to the next big thing for him. I see Danny as part of it (OVW) all the way to the end. You never get out.

In the full interview Ben chats more about the sale of OVW to Dean Hill, rumblings about GFW also being a possible buyer for OVW, getting ready to attend this weekend’s GFW show and more…

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