New Details on Why TNA And Global Force Wrestling Are Working Together, Feelings On How It Will Work Out

impact wrestlingSource: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter 

It has been widely speculated as what exactly the nature of the TNA and Global Force Wrestling relationship is going to be moving forward. Jeff Jarrett’s return to TNA, along with new ‘signings’ and talent exchanges are all part of a rumored ‘invasion’ angle that has some people believing Destination America will be airing GFW content during the “IMPACT WRESTLING” time slot as part of this angle.

The move is being looked at as an “all-in” type of move, but some think it’s still a negative move even though TNA needs to keep their TV deal. It’s said Jarrett has to do whatever he can for exposure, but TNA isn’t getting much credit or hope. The general feeling is if TNA is “giving” programming spots to GFW, it will be much harder to get anyone else to pay for them in the future, let alone Destination America renewing. 

With all the negativity surrounding the situation, it’s said at least both companies are staying afloat for the time being, appearing as “viable, active” US based wrestling companies on television.