TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/8) – BroMans Street Fight, Bram vs Anderson, E-C-3 Title Defenses!

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Kurt Angle vs Ethan Carter III (c)

Ethan tries to play possum but Kurt chases him down and hits him a few times, then hits a few German suplexes. Kurt applies an ankle lock but Ethan shoves the ref, then another ref runs down and rings the bell as Ethan is tapping out. The new ref informs everyone the tap will not stand, as the match ends in a disqualification because of the ref bump. Ethan runs away and smirks as Kurt flips out and Dixie Carter is seen arriving. 

Winner (by disqualification) – Kurt Angle 

Ethan hypes Dixie’s return and introduces her, and he brags about what he has done in her absence. She tries to speak but he continues to cut her off, and runs on about his several accomplishments. Ethan says the ‘reign of Carter’ will continue because of him, then she takes the mic and says she doesn’t want this to continue. She says she broke her back after going through a table because of how out of control she got, and she needed a change.

Dixie says this company doesn’t belong to anyone but the fans, and they can’t redo the past but she can prevent the same mistakes. Dixie calls for Ethan to defend his title using skill, and tonight was embarrassing so they need someone in charge. She says they need someone who can make tough decisions, and it’s not her, but it’s not Ethan either. Ethan looks dejected as Dixie turns and just walks away.  

All I can say is this should be interesting with Dixie playing a face now, especially with EC3 as an adversary and whatever they do with GFW. Overall a good show, not taking into account Ethan’s “matches.” They did get heat, which was expected, but I can see where people might complain about a lack of matches tonight. Maybe surprising to some, but I enjoyed the Jessie/Robbie street fight the most, and Ethan’s promos were good too.  

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