7/8 WWE NXT Results: Tag Team Contenders Decided, ‘Beast in the East’ Replay, Sasha Banks Finds a Partner in Charlotte


Why is Marcus Louis a walker from Will Smith’s I Am Legend? Let this be a lesson to you boys and girls – don’t get your head shaved bald, or for some reason you become a crazy man-eating zombie nut. Louis no-sells some right hooks from Crowe but gets nearly knocked out on the last one. He goes into crazy mode and puts on a side stretch; pretty sure he was talking to his hand at one point. Crowe drops him with a lariat and a uinique looking running neckbreaker, followed by a running kick and the Muffler Stretch (I think he’s calling it a Crowebar) for the submission win. 

Winner: Marcus Louis 

#1 Contender’s Match


The throwbacks in total control from the start of the match. Lots of long holds and double teams; pretty much what you’d expect from them. They isolate Enzo in their corner and make quick tags and lock in rest holds to keep him down. They work over Enzo for about five minutes until Big Cass makes the hot tag and cleans house. English almost steals it with a roll-up, but Cass kicks out and catches him with a big boot. Gotch takes a black hole slam and they set up for the elevated splash finisher, but English rolls him up off the ground for the surprise pin. 

Winners: The Vaudevillians