VIDEO: John Cena Talks to Access Hollywood In-Depth About His Sex Scene in the Upcoming Movie “Trainwreck”

john cenaWWE star John Cena was recently interviewed by Access Hollywood, which you can watch in full in the video player below.

Cena had the following to say regarding his sex scene with Amy Schumer in the movie:

“There was talk about it being a closed set, but within 20 minutes there’s two camera ops, two focus-pullers, three lighting guys, two sounds guys, props. Catering was in there at one point. It became the most un-intimate environment possible – and that helped! There’s nothing intimate or sexy about it – it’s true comedy.

It was all day. My mom is probably so proud – I wore a sock to work all day! Special.

I have a lot to learn in this game and Amy and Judd are both very funny people with unbelievable track records. They created an environment where I didn’t feel threatened, I didn’t feel out of place, I didn’t feel uncool. That reinforcement and that environment led to some crazy awkward moments that you see onscreen.

A lot of the stuff that was [improvised] ended up in the movie. And that was only because, like I said, [Amy and Judd] didn’t make me feel for one second as if I was inferior. They treated me as a peer and I’m so, so thankful for that because I’m out of my element.”