Brock Lesnar Going it Alone in Japan This Weekend? Jonathan Coachman Petitions to Bring ESPN & WWE Together For SummerSlam

Lesnar Going it Alone

beast in the eastAccording to, while Paul Heyman was original scheduled to go overseas with the WWE crew for this weekend’s ‘Beast in the East’ live event, he is no longer attending. That means the ‘Beast Incarnate’ Brock Lesnar will be flying solo for his return to the ring against Kofi Kingston, a match-up that some might consider a bit of a mismatch. 

ESPN & WWE Together?

Former WWE announcer, current ESPN analyst and generally hilarious on-screen personality Jonathan Coachman took to Twitter this week to state that he wants to bring his former and current employers together.  

ESPN has already proven they will give pro wrestling a great deal of coverage if the event is considered a major pop culture happening, as this year’s WrestleMania PPV saw more airtime on the network than ever before.