TNA Slammiversary Results: King of the Mountain Champion Crowned, Magnus & Storm Go To War; Jeff Jarrett’s Last Ride?

King of the Mountain Championship Match


Jeff Jarrett is the first to get pinned after a roll-up from Roode, and has to go to the penalty box. Boy, writing out the results of these things really puts into perspective how ridiculous the gimmick truly is. Roode grabs a ladder and climbs with the title, but Matt Hardy stops him, the two brawl, and the belt goes back to the ref. Roode starts taking everyone out with spinebusters. As soon as Double J leaves the box he’s taken out from behind by EY, who throws him right back in. Everyone is basically brawling around the ladder. Galloway with the Future Shock DDT on Hardy but it’s broken up by Bobby. EY and Roode both go to the box after Hardy hits them with the Twist of Fate. It’s Jarrett and Hardy battling it out. Eventually EY gets free and grabs the guitar and goes to use it, but Jarrett dodges, steals it, and busts it over Roode’s head. Young goes on the attack and the two fight to the apron, ending with EY hitting a piledriver off the apron, into a set up ladder! Once the box is empty we get a huge brawl on the floor (Jarrett is still down and being tended to), and it’s Hardy who shows he’s still got it, climbing the cage and launching himself into the mass of humanity. After several minutes it’s Hardy and Galloway fighting with the title on top of the ladder; Hardy hits him with the Twist of Fate from the top. He’s almost to the hanger but Roode makes the save, planting Matt with a powerbomb. We’ve got two ladders now side by side, and it’s Roode and EY fighting atop them. Roode goes down after a shot from the title, but Jarrett is back to make the save, hitting an armbreaker from the top of the ladder on Young. Jeff climbs the ladder, places the belt on the hook, and wins the match. Then immediately takes the belt back off the hook to celebrate. God, what a weird match. 

Winner: Jeff Jarrett 

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