TNA Impact Wrestling Results (6/24) – New X Division Champion, Full Metal Mayhem, Jeff Jarrett Returns!

Jeff talks about Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and others, and he was most worried about what Karen might say. Karen says they moved on from TNA, and Global Force Wrestling is their future, so she said not to call TNA back. She says Jeff was persitant and she still doesn’t get it completely, but she loves her husband and supports him. She recalls a conversation from earlier today with Sonjay Dutt and says Jeff didn’t go out his way because he got fired, but he will leave his way this time! She says she will be by his side, then Jeff says they can bank on the King of the Mountain being the ‘chosen one’ for one last time. 

That promo felt as real and emotional as any that I’ve heard. I don’t doubt every word of that wasn’t true, and I can’t wait to see where else they go with this. Great segment. 

Bram vs Vader 

Bram talks trash but Vader hits him in the corner a few times, then he slams him down but Bram whips him into the corner. Vader fires back with a clothesline, then he goes for a Vader Bomb but lands hard and is slow to make the cover. Bram ends up getting his foot on the ropes and the ref checks on Vader, so Bram gets the turnbuckle piece from under the ring. He tries to hide it but the ref catches him and throws the match out, and Bram tries to continue to hit Vader. Matt Morgan returns for the save, and hits Bram several times and clotheslines him outside. 

Winner (by disqualification) – Vader