TNA Impact Wrestling Results (6/24) – New X Division Champion, Full Metal Mayhem, Jeff Jarrett Returns!

Jeremy Borash is backstage plugging tonight’s show, and Bram cuts him off and says he’s calling someone out. He says he doesn’t care who it is because he hates everybody, and he’ll be waiting. He storms off and JB fixes his tie, then a gloved hand grabs him by the shoulder, and JB smiles and says “it’s time.”  

Angelina Love vs Velvet Sky

Angelina taunts Velvet and calls her out, and Velvet kicks her a few times and slams her into the ring apron. Velvet whips her back in but Angelina stomps her and sends her into the corner with a clothesline, then she heads up top but Velvet sweeps her legs and knocks her down. Angelina goes for a bicycle kick, but Velvet hits a Stunner for the win. 

Winner – Velvet Sky 

Full Metal Mayhem

The Wolves vs Dirty Heels 

Aries and Roode call for an early ‘time out’ but The Wolves hit tandem suicide dives as we go to a break. We get back to see Aries and Roode applying headlocks, but The Wolves break out and Aries gets backdropped into a ladder. The Wolves beat Aries and Roode with chairs and trash cans, then they hit suicide dives into the barricade. They tee off on Roode with the chairs some more, then Davey hits a suplex onto a chair before it gets broken up. (Continued…)