Rumors on Dolph Ziggler and His Future in the WWE, Top 10 Brawls In WWE Families (Video)

Update on Ziggler’s Future

dolph zigglerWith many people speculating that Dolph Ziggler will leave WWE when his contract expires in a few months, a former writer compared Dolph to a former WWE Superstar.

During the latest episode of MLW Radio, former WWE creative writer Court Bauer commented on the rumors around Ziggler, comparing his situation to John Morrison. Court Bauer commented and said the following:

“Dolph’s deal is up in a few months and he has indicated informally that unless he gets a big push, he may leave like Mundo.”

WWE Top 10

Below is the latest description and video for the “WWE Top 10.” It features the top brawls in the family, including the Hart Family and The Hardy’s.

“In WWE, the families that prey together, stay together — until they start to target one another. Watch these 10 shocking moments when storied WWE clans started to clash in the squared circle.”