TNA Impact Wrestling Results (6/10) – Destination X Returns, Angle Vs Spud, Who Moves On To Face Aries?

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

June 10th 2015

Report By Bill Pritchard for

EC3 comes out and says he’s having a sit-in, because he’s sick of fighting and working for a title shot and having it taken away. He dares someone to come stop him, then Kurt Angle walks out and dares Ethan to do something about it. Ethan says he will break Kurt’s ankle but ends up leaving, and Rockstar Spud cuts him off and makes his entrance.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Rockstar Spud vs Kurt Angle (c)

Kurt slams Spud down and hits him, but Spud comes back with some jabs, then Kurt rushes towards the ropes. Spud ducks and sends Kurt outside with a dropkick, then Kurt goes for a Angle Slam but Spud kicks him and connects with some forearm shots. Kurt catches him in an ankle lock but Spud sends him into the turnbuckles, then Spud connects with an Underdog and gets a close near fall. Spud goes right after Kurt, but Kurt trips him up and puts him in a grapevined ankle lock, and Kurt makes him tap. 

Winner – Kurt Angle 

Austin Aries walks on the stage are points at his briefcase, then stares at Kurt before leaving. 

This was more about Spud having heart than him winning, and it was still enjoyable. It was a bit shorter than I expected, but a great opener and leads to the main event.