Women’s Wrestler Allie Parker Donates Kidney To Brother, Gives Up Wrestling, Von Erichs Featured On TNA Xplosion (Videos)

Allie Parker Donates Kidney To Brother

Turnbuckle Magazine has issued the following video and synopsis, detailing their interview with women’s independent wrestler Allie Parker, who recently donated a kidney to her brother, Ryan. 

Parker wrestled what could be her final match last Saturday in Las Vegas for Future Stars of Wrestling, and spoke with Turnbuckle Magazine shortly before the match: 

Turnbuckle Magazine was in Las Vegas on May 30, 2015 to watch Allie Parker wrestle on a Future Stars of Wrestling show in what was likely the final match of her career.

Two days after the match, Allie underwent surgery to donate a kidney to her brother Ryan, who received the transplant. Allie gave up her dream to become a professional wrestler and save her brother’s life, as Ryan battled diabetes for 21 years, dating back to when he was 9 years old. After being on dialysis for three years when kidney disease set in, he required a donor for a new organ. His sister proved to be a match, so Allie moved forward with this selfless and heroic act. Shortly before her match, we interviewed both Allie and Ryan about this life-changing and life-saving decision.

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TNA Xplosion

The following video features a full match from TNA Xplosion, with Sonjay Dutt and taking on the Von Erichs, Ross and Marshall.