TNA Impact Wrestling Results (6/3) – Lashley vs Eric Young, Spud Chooses Option C, Aries Declares Cash-In!

Rockstar Spud says he has a huge decision to make regarding his X Division title, but he really doesn’t know what he will do. 

Jade (w/ The Dollhouse) vs Brooke 

Jade charges the corner but Brooke goes for a rollup, then Jade hits her a few times and knees her in the face. Jade hits a facebuster, then Brooke goes for a quick rollup but Jade kicks out and whips Brooke into the corner. Brooke kicks her and hits a middle rope clothesline, then Jade comes back with a scoop slam and goes for a moonsault. Brooke rolls away and hits a facebuster, but Marti gets Jade’s foot on the rope and Brooke pulls her on the apron. Jade charges but Brooke sidesteps and Marti gets hit, then Brooke hits Jade and follows with a crossbody for the win. 

Winner – Brooke

Beat Down Clan vs The Rising

King works Eli over before Ki kicks him a few times, then Eli gets the tag and Drew unloads on Ki with some punches. Drew goes for a suplex but Ki floats over, so Drew shoves him in the corner and connects with a shotgun kick for two. King breaks up the pin and everyone brawls, then MVP jumps in and crotches Drew on the turnbuckles. Ki goes for Warrior’s Way with Drew in the tree of woe position, but Drew powers up and hits a belly-to-belly, and follows with a Doomsday Device like move, assisted by Mika, for the win. 

Winners – The Rising 

Rockstar Spud comes to the ring and tells Jeremy Borash he needs more time to make a decision for ‘Option C.’ JB says there is no time and he has to ask whether he wants a shot against Kurt Angle or not. Kurt comes to the ring and says he doesn’t plan on losing anytime soon, then Ethan Carter III makes his way to the ring. He says he knows Spud more than anyone, but he is willing to get him a lifetime contract as Chief of Staff, and they can ride together again. Ethan says all Spud has to do is keep the X title, but Spud says it’s always about Ethan, a one percenter. Spud says he would’ve done anything for the Carters in the past, and he fought to get here while Ethan’s acted like a self-entitled prick. Spud says he can take everything and stick it up his ass, because this is a one in a million shot, but he’s cashing in and facing Kurt Angle! Spud and Kurt stare each other down, but Ethan sucker punches Spud, and Kurt calls for a tag match with Ethan and Tyrus against him and Spud.