Brock Lesnar Returning to Sumo Hall in Japan For the First Time Since Dropping the IWGP Title to Kurt Angle

Brock Lesnar & Kurt AngleRecently we reported that Brock Lesnar was scheduled to make his return to WWE television this June, and is being advertised for the WWE Battleground PPV in July.

The WWE Japan Twitter account noted early Friday morning that Lesnar would be a part of this year’s international tour, making an appearance at the July 4th live event at the Ryougoku Sumo Hall in Tokyo. While it seems incredibly unlikely the company would bring in the “Beast Incarnate” for an international house show, the WWE Japan YouTube channel then put out this official video advertisement:  

For what it’s worth, the video still lists NXT Superstar Hideo Itami for the tour. Itami was supposed to be a big part of this year’s events, with a big push for his return to Japan, he is currently injured and is not expected to return to the ring by July. 

The video also claims it will be Lesnar’s first return to Japan in over 12 years, which isn’t even close to being true. It may be his first time returning to the country as a WWE Superstar, but Brock won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in his first ever match for New Japan in 2005, in front of about 38,000 fans at the Tokyo Dome.

Lesnar last wrestled at Sumo Hall in 2007, dropping the IWGP title to Kurt Angle.