WWE RAW Results (5/25) – Entourage Cast, Rusev Calls For Lana Reunion, Ambrose Arrested?


WWE RAW Results

May 25th 2015

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

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Seth Rollins comes out with the rest of The Authority and talks about how Dean Ambrose doesn’t deserve a title shot, and they should take it away. Triple H says they have a verbal agreement, but they need something in paper, so Ambrose needs to come sign the contract. Ambrose comes out and says they have to appreciate his imagination, and they might think he’s a lunatic, but they’re looking at the new WWE Champion. Ambrose starts talking about making changes, then Rollins says that’s enough and he is going to put him down for good at Elimination Chamber.

Rollins calls him a cockroach and he’s daring him to enter the ring, so Ambrose says it’s stupid and crazy, but says ‘why not’ and walks down the ramp. Roman Reigns comes out and Stephanie cuts them off, and says Ambrose has until the end of the night to sign the contract. She says she still can make the main event, between Rollins and Kane versus Ambrose and Reigns, but it’s going to happen now!  

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins & Kane 

Ambrose gets a few strikes in early, then Reigns tags in but Rollins takes him down and applies a headlock. Ambrose comes back with a Thesz press, then he hits a bulldog and clotheslines Rollins to the floor. Ambrose hits a suicide dive, then Kane runs over but Reigns punches him in the mouth. We get back from a break to see Reigns connect with some strikes and a Superman punch, then Rollins tries to attack Ambrose but gets caught with Dirty Deeds for the surprise win. 

Winners – Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose