Latest Samoa Joe News: WWE T-Shirts Sold Out, Upcoming Indy Appearances, Keeping His Name in WWE, NXT In-Ring Debut, More

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As noted, Samoa Joe will be making his WWE NXT in-ring debut within the next few weeks, as he taped a match at last night’s TV tapings. Joe was also featured prominently in fallout from Takeover: Unstoppable with Kevin Owens.

As for his name, the indication was given that Triple H made the call for him to use Samoa Joe in NXT.

Fans who have tried to order the new WWE Samoa Joe t-shirt which went on-sale following Takeover have been told the shirts are on backorder until 6/15. That’s great news for Joe as he’s already appearing to be a good merchandise mover for NXT.

Joe is likely working a WWE deal which will allow him to make indy appearances as he will be facing Johnny Gargano at the AIW event in Cleveland on 5/24. For more info on that event you can visit

Joe is also working for House of Glory in Jamaica, NY on 5/29 against Chris Dickinson.