Big Backstage Update on the Injury Status of Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami

sami zaynAccording to The Wrestling Observer, Hideo Itami’s injury was said to be a “fluke”. While there is always talk of the wear and tear the WWE schedule imposes on talents, in addition to how long talents were wrestling before they came to NXT/WWE, “wear and tear” is said not to be the case with Hideo Itami and it was just a fluke accident.

With regards to Sami Zayn, while he did compete in the main event of Takeover Unstoppable last night against Kevin Owens, backstage word in WWE is Zayn might be undergoing shoulder surgery sometime in June.

I said the other day that I hope Hideo Itami’s injury doesn’t tamper with his momentum too much, but many people disagreed with me and feel Itami is connecting with fans on a bigger level than I recognize. That’s very reassuring, as I think Itami could one day be a major player and a unique act on the main WWE roster.