Check Out Becky Lynch’s Brand New Look & Possible Influence, Game of Thrones Actor Attends NXT Takeover w/ Stephanie McMahon

Becky Lynch’s New Look

As promised, Becky Lynch debuted a brand new look for her NXT Women’s Championshp match against Sasha Banks at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable. While the fire-haired Diva didn’t quite get the job done, the two had an incredible match that arguably stole the show, during an already exceptional night of wrestling. 

While I haven’t directly gotten a confirmation from Becky on this one, her new look bares a striking resemblance to a character from the Magic the Gathering card game called Chandra Nalaar. 

The Mountain at NXT Takeover

Hafthor Bjomsson, who plays The Mountain in HBO’s Game of Thrones serires (well…one of the three actors that’s played the character anyways) was front and center for tonight’s NXT Takeover live event. The 6’9 Icelandic strongman was spotted on camera, hanging out ringside with none other than Stephanie McMahon.