TNA Impact Wrestling Results (5/8) – EC3 vs Anderson, Several Big Returns, Angle vs Young!

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

May 8th 2015

Report by Bill Pritchard for

Eric Young starts the show by demanding to know who tonight’s referee is, and he says it’s been long enough since he’s been champion. Bully Ray’s music cues up and he makes his return to TNA, and says they know who he is, he is tonight’s special guest referee! 

EC3 makes his entrance and says he is doing this for all of the fans, and he wanted them to vote for a gentleman’s contest of arm wrestling. He gets cut off by Anderson, who tells him to shut up because he is sick of hearing him. Anderson reveals the vote is for a falls count anywhere match with 85% of the vote, and he runs to the ring and goes after Ethan.

Falls Count Anywhere

Ethan Carter III (w/ Tyrus) vs Ken Anderson 

Tyrus gets involved but Anderson throws him outside and suplexes Ethan, then he hits the ropes but Tyrus pulls him outside. Tyrus punches Anderson a few times, but Anderson hits a Mic Check into the ringpost and rolls back in. Ethan runs but Anderson chops him near the barricade, then he slams Ethan into the apron and gets some weapons. Anderson goes for a Mic Check on the ramp but Ethan backdrops him, then he hits him a few times before they get back in the ring. Anderson hits a rolling senton, then Tyrus runs in and splashes Anderson before hitting a heart punch, and Ethan makes the cover. 

Winner – Ken Anderson

BP: This was a little weak for a FCA match, but ignoring the stipulation it was pretty good. Tyrus basically won the thing himself; Ethan picks up the underhanded win to keep his ‘streak’ alive.