TNA Impact Wrestling Results (4/24) – TKO Night Of Knockouts, The Dollhouse Debuts, Taryn Vs Kong!

Mika vs Kenny King

King attacks Mika after MVP acts like he will be the opponent, then King hits him a few times before Mika hits a fallaway slam. MVP jumps on the apron as Low Ki attacks Mika, then King enziguiris Mika and gets a two count. King continues to attack him and hits another enziguiri, then he heads to the apron but Mika counters a springboard splash with a Samoan drop for the win. 

Winner – Mika 

MVP and Ki jump in and attack, but Drew and Eli run in to make the save. Homicide appears and takes The Rising out with a night stick, then they single Drew out and Ki hits him with a pipe. 

Drew is helped to the back, and he issues a challenge for Hardcore Justice next week. He says he knows the BDC will already accept, so he is calling them out for a steel pipe on a pole match. 

Laura Dennis vs Jade (w/ Marti Belle)

The Dollhouse come out and skip around and cackle, then they yell at Christy to get their entrance right. Jade ties up with Laura, and Laura knocks her down before going for a crucifix pin. Jade kicks out and regroups with Marti, then Laura hits her a few times before Jade punches her in the back. Jade hits a gutwrench slam, then she Jade and Marti go nuts and Marti ends up attacking Laura to cause a disqualification. 

Winner (by disqualification) – Laura Dennis 

Jade and Marti get pissed at Christy announcing the result, and they whip her into the barricade and dropkick her into ring steps. 

BP: This was pretty terrible all around, and a shame considering the talent involved. The gimmick was really weird and didn’t come off the right way; it was a bad case of crazy school girl meets anime meets ‘Fandango’s say my name right’ schtick. The match was good for as brief as it was, but all the other stuff was ridiculous. Christy taking some bumps got some heat, but other than that, I really hope this improves quickly.