Greg Hamilton Talks NXT, How He Started With WWE, Being The First Live Event Host, What Does He Hope To Accomplish?

rob gronkowskiNXT live event host and announcer Greg Hamilton recently sat down with Byron Saxton for an interview on

Hamilton talks about starting with the NXT and getting an audition, his television background, being the first regular live event host with WWE, and much more. You can read a few excerpts below: 

Greg Hamilton Talks NXT:

I started in mid-January, but the audition process for me started around September of last year. The way I found out about it was nothing more than luck, but I had my work cut out for me once I did. A friend of mine was playing a pick-up basketball game with a producer who mentioned WWE was looking for a host. My buddy threw my name out there and the producer said, “Sure, have him send me his host reel.” After that, I had to put together a pretty extensive audition video that showcased different skill sets. Finally in December they brought me along with two other guys to Orlando for a live, two-day audition at the WWE Performance Center. After the second day, I was on my way back to the hotel when I got a call asking me to drive back to meet with them again, and the rest is history.

Hamilton on being the first official live event host: 

This has been incredibly fun so far. What I find most appealing is the fact that as you mentioned this is a new venture. So I feel like a prototype, which is fun. I get to be a part of creating and molding whatever this becomes and I think that’s pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see what else we come up with for this hosting role and be a part of its growth.

Hamilton’s goals with WWE: 

This is something I’ve been personally assessing lately now that I’m getting settled into my role. First and foremost, even getting the job was a goal. Now that I see just how much possibility for growth we have in WWE, I’ve certainly come up with some. I want to continue to grow with NXT and be a part of taking it to cities across the U.S. and even further. Another huge long-term goal has to do with the WWE Network. It’s really cool to see how well it’s been received by fans. The content we already have is so much fun and someday I would love to help produce and host a new show from the ground up. I’m pretty passionate about food and travel, and I already have some show ideas that I hope to pitch someday. It’s way too early in my WWE career for that right now, but they are definitely in the back pocket.