Details For All 11 Athletes Just Signed to the WWE Performance Center

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has an in-depth look at a few of the new wrestlers that have begun at the WWE Performance Center. Independent wrestler Uhaa Nation is the more well-known of the group, which including ten other names. Here’s a brief look at all of them: 

Kenneth Crawford: 24-years-old, former U.S. marine who set high school running records before enlisting. Excellent athlete with no wrestling training, bulked up after a WWE tryout and signed to a deal on his second time through. 

Thomas Kingdom: A huge jacked bodybuilder in the neighborhood of 300 pounds. No pro wrestling experience, but signed pretty much on his look alone. 

Levis Valenzuela Jr.: Bilingual indie wrestler. Nothing really notable in his repertoire, but with a lot of room to grow. 

Axel Tischer: Already a veteran pro wrestler of 14 years, working primarily in Germany. Having that much experience at only 28-years-old is a major plus if he’s healthy, which he would have had to be to pass the rigorous WWE testing. His downfall is cutting promos in English, but they could always go the Rusev/Lana route. 

Jessica McKay: A SHIMMER frequent who has done work all over the U.S. indie scene. 

Cassie McIntosh: Australian wrestler trained by Lance Storm. 

Nhooph Al-Areebi: Started training in 2011. Speaks English and Arabic. 

Oscar Vazquez: A former TNA Gut Check try-out working with over 15 years in the business. A former tag team partner of the current WWE Sin Cara. 

Radomir Petkovic: Solid ameteur wrestler from Belgrade. 

Peter Howard: English athlete who did track and rugby in school.