WWE Edits Orton & Cesaro Crowd Reaction on Raw, New Trivia Feature Debuts, WWE at Facebook HQ (Video)

New Trivia Feature Debuts

As seen on Raw last night, WWE launched a new trivia feature which was sponsored by Little Caesars. The question, which was pretty great in my opinion, asked which WWE legend was cousin to the Hart Family, with the answer being Roddy Piper.

WWE Edits Raw Crowd Reactions

Also on Raw last night, while many of the live crowd reactions were heard on the final broadcast, including many of the chants directed towards Big Show, one noticeable edit was Randy Orton vs Cesaro. When a graphic was shown announcing the match, Cesaro actually got a huge pop from the live crowd which WWE edited out. The canned pop went to Orton instead, and Cesaro’s reaction was barely audible.

WWE at Facebook HQ (Video)

The following has been posted on Twitter, featuring WWE stars visiting the Facebook HQ in London: