WWE European Tour Results (4/12): Leeds, England; Cena vs Rusev, Reigns vs Big Show Street Fight, Footage of Uso Dancing

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WWE European Tour Results


Leeds, England

The show was originally scheduled for a 5pm start but was kicked back to pm to accommodate the Leeds show earlier in the day. The Floor and Lower Tier were pretty much completely full and about half of the upper tier was filled too. Crowd was pretty hot most of the night, which is normal for Manchester.

Just before the show started a video of Tyson Kidd and Cesaro played where they mocked the crowd they have to perform in front of. They then mocked New Day saying they are better wrestlers, better looking and better at clapping than New Day.

JoJo came out to host the show.

Neville beat Finn Balor with the Red Arrow. Both got cheered when they made their entrance but once the match started Balor took the role of the heel for the match and the crowd switched to about 90/10 in favour of the Home Country boy Neville. Really good match with lots of “Let’s Go Neville” Chants, both Neville and Balor worked the crowd really well and after the match both men shook hands.

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd w/ Natalya defeated New Day (Kofi & Big E w/ Xavier) to retain Tag Team Titles after The Cesaro Swing and Low Dropkick from Kidd. Despite Cesaro and Kidd mocking them 20 minutes earlier the crowd loved them. Crowd were chanting “New Day Sucks” at the start which prompted Kofi to take the microphone and say “I’m a nice guy but I’m about to get angry”. Kofi said they bring positivity into their lives when they clap and asked them to clap along. The “New Day Sucks” chants just got louder. Late in the match Kidd hid behind Natalya at ringside when Xavier went after him. Natalya then ran at Xavier and clotheslined him down.

Xavier got on the microphone holding his throat and straining his voice and was moaning that Kidd and Cesaro cheated and they shouldn’t cheer for cheaters. He then made an open challenge.

R-Truth beat Xavier Woods in about a minute with a roll up. R-Truth got the crowd to combine the “What’s Up” and “New Day Sucks” chants together. Xavier jumped him from behind but Truth quickly got the advantage and scored the roll up for the win. Xavier had a tantrum stomping his feet in the ring when Kofi and Big E lead him to the back.

Damien Mizdow defeated The Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale. Match actually wasn’t that much; it was more of Mizdow getting under Miz skin. Sandow got on the microphone and said for old time sake he was gonna be a stunt double. So when he attacked the Miz he would immediately follow by taking the same bumps Miz did.

Natalya beat Alicia Fox. Natalya was the face for the match and crowd was behind her. I actually missed the finish of this match when I went to the bathroom but was there to see Rosa Mendes and Cameron join Alicia in attacking Natalya. Summer Rae and Emma ran out to make the save and posed with Natalya afterwards.

Roman Reigns beat The Big Show in a “Manchester Street Fight” with a Spear. Crowd were VERY pro Roman Reigns, he was solidly over here. If his reactions are like this most of the shows then he should be able to bounce back from his troubles this year, Show had “You Sold Out” Chants. Match was one of their better ones. Roman Reigns introduced all of the weapons in the match. First a Kendo Stick, then a Steel Chair then 2 Tables, the ring steps and ring post also came into play. Big Show went through first table after having his head smashed through it via an inverted Face Buster. Second one Big Show also went through after Show charged Reigns in the corner but Reigns moved, the Spear followed and Reigns won. Reigns had huge smile on his face and spent a decent time celebrating with fans.

The Interval after they did a video for Connor the Crusher receiving the Warrior Award. They promoted the Connor’s Cure bracelet which seemed to sell out very quickly.

Jimmy Uso defeated Fandango in about a Minute with the Splash off the Top Rope. Started off with Fandango and Rosa dancing in the ring before Jimmy took the microphone and said he liked to Dance, his father liked to Dance (Big Pop for Rikishi) but when he watches Fandango dance it just leaves a bad taste in his mouth. Jimmy then asked JoJo to the ring and they danced to “Sexy And I Know It”. Rosa then shoved JoJo to the ground and Fandango turned around into a Super Kick from Uso followed by the big splash for the win.

Daniel Bryan, Erick Rowan & Dolph Ziggler defeated Bad News Barrett, Sheamus & Bray Wyatt in a 6 Man Tag when Barrett tapped out to the Yes Lock. Very fun match with everyone getting a chance to shine. Bad News Barrett was out first and made mention about the Manchester United Vs Manchester City football game which took place earlier in the day. He said it doesn’t matter which one you support because he’s afraid he’s got some bad news…They’re both crap. Barrett then brought out his hometown team Preston North End to some jeers and said if anyone gave him mouth the Preston lads would deal with them.

Chants of “You Look Stupid” at Sheamus who got the microphone and said he does not look stupid but the mic originally cut out half way through causing him to make a joke about how cheap things are in Manchester. Sheamus then said Erick Rowan looked stupid and there was “Only room for One Ginger” in the WWE. Rowan responded by knocking him on his ass, and then gave Sheamus his own 10 forearms across the chest tied up in the ropes. Ziggler played the face in peril most of the match, Barrett & Sheamus worked most of the match compared to Wyatt though he didn’t seem to be feeling any effects on his ankle at all. Big brawl broke out after Bryan got the tag and everyone took turns hitting their finishers before Bryan scored the submission victory on Barrett.

JoJo announced they would return to Manchester on November 9th and 10th for the Raw and Smackdown TV Tapings. Tickets go on sale 25TH April.

John Cena defeated Rusev with Lana with the Attitude Adjustment. Lana (Looking smoking hot) did a promo saying Wrestlemania was a lie and Rusev was still undefeated. Rusev tried to demand they stand for the Russian National Anthem but Cena interrupted. There were duelling “Let’s Go Cena” and “Cena Sucks” chants but the “Let’s Go Cena” was much louder. I’d say the crowd was about 75-25 in favour of Cena. Actually a really good match, Rusev dominated for most of it with Cena making a few quick comebacks before being cut short by Rusev. Rusev locked in the Accolade but Cena managed to lift Rusev up and drop him on his back. Cena hits an AA for the Victory.

Overall a pretty good show and fans seemed to go home happy.

Top 5 Heat –

5 – Bad News Barrett (When bad mouthing Manchester, was cheered initially)

4 – Sheamus

3 – New Day

2 – Big Show

1 – Rusev

Top 5 Cheers –

5 – Dolph Ziggler

4 – Damien Mizdow

3 – John Cena

2 – Roman Reigns

1 – Daniel Bryan