CZW Best of the Best 2015 Results: Huge Tournament, CJ Parker Trashes CZW, Ultraviolent Scaffold Match & More

Combat Zone Wrestling ran their annual Best of the Best tournament in Voorhees, NJ this weekend with a stand-out performance from recently released NXT Superstar CJ Parker. 

Quarter-Final Matches

(1) Tommy End def. Caleb Konley & Aaron Williams in a triple threat elimination match. Williams knocks off Konley, who is knocked off by End with a deadlift German suplex. 

(2) Jonathan Gresham def. Tracy Williams & Trevor Lee in a triple threat elimination match. Lee eliminates Williams, and is knocked off by Gresham with ink mist and a roll-up. 

(3) CJP (the former CJ Parker) def. Joey Janela & Joe Gacy in a triple threat elimination match. Gacy actually pulled out the Canadian destroyer to pin Janela. CJP with a palm strike to advance. 

(4) Mike Bailey def. Bluxx Belmar & Andrew Everett in a triple threat elmination match. Everett pins Buxx with a wonderful 630, but took a Shooting Star from Bailey. 

Ultraviolent Scaffold Match

(5) Devon Moore def. Conor Claxton

Semi-Final Matches

(6) Jonathan Gresham def. Tommy End. 

(7) Mike Bailey def. CJP. Parker did some amazing heel work before the match, coming out and cutting a promo trashing the CZW product. He even referenced veterans like Jon Moxley (Ambrose), Sami Callihan (Crowe) and Drake Younger (NXT referee), who he said told him all about the Combat Zone and that it “f***ing sucks”. 

CZW Tag Team Championship Match

(8) Nation of Intoxication vs. Ohio is 4 Killers ended in a no-contest. This was a great match that ended in chaos, with a Eric Ryan run-in and a Devon Moore counter-run-in. OI4K did a heel promo, David Crist threw down the tag titles and threatened to piss on them, but a ton of talent came out and chased them off.

-Alexander James is out and says he had the Honorary Jr. Heavyweight Championship stolen from him. The lights go out and on, and Dewey Donovan is in the ring. Hardcore Nick Cage then made his return after four years, followed by Matt Tremont. BLK Jeez capped it all off and called himself the new king of CZW. A huge brawl started and they all had to be pulled apart. 

Best of the Best Finals

(9) Mike Bailey def. Jonathan Gresham