WWE Smackdown Results (4/2) – Orton vs Big Show, Cena Lays Down Open Challenge, Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan!

The Miz vs R-Truth 

Miz and Truth go back and forth for a bit, then Miz reverses a lock up attempt by Truth and hits Skull Crushing Finale for the win. 

Damien Sandow runs out and hits Miz with Skull Crushing Finale, then he puts on sunglasses and panders to the crowd.

Winner – The Miz 

John Cena comes out and says his contract for Wrestlemania was their declaration of independence, and he was sick of Rusev as a champion. He says this United States championship is now about opportunity, and it will be a beacon like the Statue of Liberty is to this country. Cena says he will fight anyone who wants an opportunity, and he will issue an open challenge to anyone just like he did on Monday. Rusev and Lana cut him off, and Lana says Cena’s revolution is a fantasy, then Rusev calls for the mic.

Rusev says he didn’t lose at Wrestlemania and glares at Lana, and he says he is still America’s champion and a super athlete. He calls Cena a coward, but Cena says Rusev is drunk or stupid because he lost at Wrestlemania and got his but whipped. Rusev demands a title rematch and says it will happen at Extreme Rules, but Cena says there’s nothing standing in the way of them right now. Rusev heads to the ring and says Cena will be crushed, and they will see him wave the Russian flag, and see it descend from the rafters. Rusev points to the rafters but nothing happens, and Cena laughs and says Rusev will see ‘this,’ and points to the American flag descending from the rafters.