WWE Smackdown Results (4/2) – Orton vs Big Show, Cena Lays Down Open Challenge, Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan!

 Natalya vs Naomi

Nattie fights out of a wristlock and reverses it, but Naomi dropkicks her and they have a standoff. Naomi ties up with Nattie in the corner, then Nattie slingshot slams her off the ropes and follows with a seated dropkick. She applies a modified abdominal stretch, but Naomi elbows out of it and reverses, but Nattie hiptosses her. Nattie whips her in the corner but Naomi floats over, then she kicks Nattie in the head and springboards in. Nattie goes for a Sharpshooter after she catches Naomi’s legs, but Naomi rolls through and hits an inverted DDT for the win. 

Winner – Naomi

BP: Good match that sees Naomi being pushed as a possible new contender for Nikki Bella. I also like how Nattie has added a few faster maneuvers to her moveset, like the leapfrog into seated dropkick. 

Seth Rollins walks into Kane’s office and brags about how they beat up Randy Orton, and he says Orton actually thinks he’d get a title shot. Kane says he’s actually considering it, because he’s the Director of Operations and he can make some big decisions. He says Rollins defending his title against Orton would be huge, unless Rollins doesn’t think he can win. Rollins says he knows he will win, then they talk each other up until Rollins says something stinks. Kane ignores it, but Rollins says something really stinks, and Dean Ambrose walks out of Kane’s executive bathroom. Ambrose talks about how nice it is, but Kane is pissed and books him in a match with Luke Harper.

Byron Saxton sits down with Roman Reigns, and Reigns says his plan on Sunday was to come out swinging. He says they got into a fight, but he kept getting back up, and he thinks he proved himself to everyone. Reigns says Brock took him to “suplex city,” but he kept hitting Brock and he knocked him down, because Brock didn’t have an answer for his offense. Reigns says Sunday changed both of their lives, and he didn’t leave with the title, because Seth Rollins did what he was supposed to. He says Rollins cashed in and picked the bones of two guys who just beat the hell out of each other, but he did something too. He proved himself to the world, and he’d be champion if he had a few more seconds, but he will beat Rollins again and get the championship.