TNA Impact Wrestling Results (3/27) – Low Ki vs Rockstar Spud, Kurt Angle Championship Celebration, Hardy’s Revenge!


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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

March 20th 2015

Report by Bill Pritchard for

James Storm comes out to the ring with Koya, and he says he took down their hero Jeff Hardy and put him in the hospital. He climbs the steel cage assembled around the ring and smashes a watermelon, and he says that’s just like Jeff’s head. Jeff cuts him off and says no one has ever hurt him like Storm, but he’s still standing and he can still kick Storm’s ass. Jeff says he asked for the cage to be set up because he wants a fight, and the time for waiting is over, so they should lock the cage door and end this right now. Manik runs out and attacks Jeff from behind, but Jeff comes back with a Twist of Fate and Storm tells him to stop. Abyss runs out and attacks him, then Jeff takes him out, and he tells Storm no one is helping Storm tonight, and he calls for the cage roof to be closed. 

X Division Championship

Low Ki vs Rockstar Spud (c)

Ki stomps Spud a few times and hits him in the corner, then Spud comes back with several jabs and an enziguiri. Spud hits the ropes and connects with a tornado DDT, then MVP jumps on the apron and distracts the referee. Kenny King hits Spud from behind, then Drew Galloway gets MVP’s attention and taunts the BDC. They chase him away, but Spud uses the distraction to roll Ki up for the win. 

Winner – Rockstar Spud