Konnan Talks Rey Mysterio’s WWE Departure, WWE Punishing Wrestlers Who Speak Out, Lucha Underground Lockeroom & More

konnanLucha Underground star Konnan, who was promoting tonight’s WaleMania event at Taste Nightclub in Santa Clara, CA, was recently interviewed by Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald. Below are some highlights:

On Rey Mysterio’s WWE departure:

“Even though it’s the most well-known company in the world, there is a lot of backstage politics which are finally coming to the forefront in the past few years. You see a lot of people complaining about racism, sexism, favoritism. It’s basically a place that stifles. If they don’t feel you are a star, they can really mess with your mind.

“… You are seeing all the problems they had with Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio was a guy that was fired. You saw how CM Punk left. You see the problems they are having with Brock Lesnar. You are seeing so many wrestlers leave that place complaining. It’s because the way they are treated. The wrestlers there at the time aren’t going to complain because there will be consequences for them to speak out. You saw Dolph Ziggler spoke out about certain things. He got punished. Even when they leave, people don’t speak out because they are hoping to get a job with WWE one day.”

On Mentoring Lucha Underground’s Prince Puma:

“Puma doesn’t listen as much as Rey did; I have to say right off the bat, but it’s a very young locker room at Lucha Underground. It’s a very talented locker room. A lot of them there tried out for WWE or were in NXT and never got the chance they thought they deserved and are getting the chance here. There is nothing better than a motivated element or athlete or performer. Everyone is motivated, from the guys who went to WWE and were told they weren’t good enough to the guys coming from Mexico and AAA who want to prove lucha is way more exciting than anything on the American scene. So you have a really motivated locker room.”