WWE WrestleMania 31 Results (3/29) – New IC Champ, Sting vs HHH, Who Leaves As The WWE Champion?

Graphics / Type Treatment By Bill Pritchard


WWE WrestleMania 31 Results

March 29th 2015

Report by Bill Pritchard for WrestleZone.com

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Wrestlemania 31 Kickoff Exclusive 

WWE Tag Team Championship (Fatal 4 Way)

The Usos vs Los Matadores vs The New Day vs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro (c) 

Jey gets taken out early on and is helped to the back as Cesaro hits Kofi with a Giant Swing, then the Matadores jump in but Kidd helps clear the ring. Jimmy superkicks Kidd and hits a Samoan drop, then he superkicks E and Diego before he splashes everyone in each corner. Kofi ducks a kick and dives outside, then Jimmy connects with another superkick before Kofi takes him down and gets a near fall on Kidd. Fernando tags in and Kofi sets up a superplex, then Cesaro suplexes E from the ring into the floor and Jimmy splashes him. Los Matadores hit a sunset powerbomb off the ropes, then Kidd uses Nattie for a distraction and kicks Diego.

Torito hurricanranas Woods into the barricade, then Nattie puts Torito into the Sharpshooter before Naomi hits Nattie with a Rear View. Back in the ring, Kofi assists with a Big Ending off the ropes, then everyone slugs it out and E sets up for a double Big Ending. Kidd superkicks him and throws Diego into an uppercut by Cesaro, then Kofi connects with Trouble In Paradise before Cesaro slingshots Diego into him. Fernando slams him on the floor and they both try to superplex Kidd and Kofi, but E and Cesaro run back in and hit double Tower of Doom spots! Jey hits a splash off the turnbuckles and makes the cover, but Cesaro throws him outside and steals the pin! 

Winners – Tyson Kidd & Cesaro 

BP: I know it’s not the ‘opener’, but man, what an opener! This had fast paced action and a bunch of great high spots. Shame Jey got taken out of the match but this was still really fun to watch.