Rhyno Talks Wrestling Career, Where He Watched Wrestling As A Kid, Being TNA Champion, How Long Does He Want To Continue Competing?

file_164865_0_RHINO-CONFRONTATIONThe News-Herald of Michigan recently talked to ECW, TNA, and WWE star Rhino, discussing his 20th anniversary in wrestling. 

Rhino talked about breaking into the business, why he became a fan and a funny story about where he watched wrestling as a kid, career highlights including winning titles in ECW, TNA and WWE, and more. You can read a few excerpts below:  

Where did Rhino watch wrestling as a kid?  

“I would stop in the front of the store [KMart] to buy a slushie,” he said. “Then I’d walk back to the TV’s and change every channel to wrestling. As a 12-year-old I thought every TV was a rating. So I’d look to make sure no one was looking and switch every TV to wrestling. I understood if they didn’t pull a high enough rating it would be cancelled. I was trying to contribute even back then.”

Rhino on being TNA Champion: 

“Being the champion is about so much more than having the talent to do the moves,” he said. “To be the champion you have to be the face of the organization. You have to be able to tell the story, get reactions out of the fans and put on a good show.”

How long will Rhino continue to wrestle? 

“I’d like to go at least another 10 years. I’ve been blessed to stay healthy and in shape. I don’t want to quit just yet.”