The Rock Reportedly Trashes Mansion He Was Renting, Owners Seeking Damages Up To $80,000, Photos Included

the rockSource: Miami Herald

Below is from the Miami Herald’s website, claiming that The Rock damaged a house he was renting:

“The owners of a $6 million mansion in Southwest Ranches are trying to get big-screen superstar Dwayne Johnson to pay for damages that their crib sustained while Johnson was renting it, according to two real estate sources in Broward County.

Gossip Extra was told that Johnson, 42, whose new movie San Andreas is set to be released May 29, just moved out of the sprawling ranch at 17801 SW 63rd Manor after renting it for two years at $25,000 per month.

The actor lived on the five-acre property with his entourage while his permanent digs down the street were being finished.

“There used to be this really nice fountain out front that shot water 15 feet up into the air,” the source said. “Now it’s gone.”

The alleged damages also included rotten Astroturf in the five-acre property’s batting cage; scraped up concrete paint under an overhead where The Rock’s black Ford pickup truck was usually parked; thousands of dead plants and flowers that likely were not watered; dozens of dead rare tropical fish in the salt water tank; and so many scratches on the wooden floors that they needed to be refinished throughout the two-story ranch house.

The total cost of repairs seems to be up to $80,000.

Gossip Extra has posted photos of the alleged damage, which you can check out at this link.