Update: The Kliq Hand Gesture May Already Be Trademarked, And Not By WWE

Bullet ClubA Wrestlezone reader sent in some interesting information today – the hand gesture made famous to wrestling fans by the Kliq is apparently already trademarked. 

We reported earlier this week that the WWE may be attempting to get the iconic gesture trademarked for merchandising, which may pose a problem for the Bullet Club faction, who currently uses it along with several other Kliq, nWo and Degeneration X mannerisms.

However, according to a 2011 press release, North Carolina State University has the rights to all “Wolfie” related material. Their fanbase is even called the Wolfpack – how’s that for irony? 

Brand marks not only include the visual images like the “Block S,” Tuffy the Strutting Wolf logo, and the University seal, but also trademarked names and slogans, such as Wolfpack Women®, GoPack™, Wolf Village™, and even the “Wolfie” hand gesture.