House of Hardcore VIII Results: Dudley Boyz vs. Bad Influence, Tommy Dreamer & Eric Young Street Fight

House of Hardcore VIII Results

March 7, 2015

Philadelphia, PA

You can buy the House of Harcore VIII iPPV on-demand now at We reported this early, but Tommy Dreamer – who runs the promotion – put out a passionate statement about people illegally torrenting the last HoH show. Given the card and all the huge appearances made, this is probably one worth paying the $20 for. 

(1) PJ Black [Justin Gabriel] def. Brian Myers [Curt Hawkins]

(2) Amazing Red def. Matt Striker

(3) Alex Reynolds def. JT Dunn

(4) Rhino def. Eddie Kingston

(5) Bil Carr, Dan Barry & Tony Nese def. Ben Ortiz, Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus

(6) Matt Hardy def. Carlito & Lance Hoyt in a 3-way match

(7) The Dudley Boyz def. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

(8) Eric Young def. Tommy Dreamer in a STREET FIGHT. Ethan Carter III from TNA ran out and attacked Dreamer after the match, but REY MYSTERIO made a surprise appearance to make the save. 

(9) The Young Bucks def. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode