Former WWE Developmental Star Claims Bill DeMott Letter Was “Leaked By Someone Else”; Set to Address the Situation Soon

Earlier this week a letter from former WWE developmental talent Brandon Traven leaked online, highlighting alleged verbal and physical abuse from head trainer Bill DeMott. It was the second in just days to come out, and was written to WWE Talent Relations prior to his release from the company. 

Traven (aka Brian Breaker) noted on Twitter earlier today that the letter was released without his consent, and was never meant for public eyes. 

“I haven’t said anything publicly on the issue regarding my name on certain things. However I will discuss it on my podcast which will drop Sunday March 8th. I never set out to seek attention positive or negative, the story was leaked by someone else. I was happy living my life being an Indy wrestler, having a podcast and spending time with my family which I had missed for 6 years. I’ve been getting a lot [of] texts, messages, calls etc. about my time with WWE when I was Brandon Traven. Everything will be addressed on my own podcast so that you get the story from me and know one else. But know this, I leaked nothing. It was sent out without my knowledge, I am not bitter. In fact I’m very happy with my life now, if you have listened to my podcast before you know I’m in a good place. But what’s out is out. And it will be addressed this Sunday.” 

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