Backstage News on Why WWE is Using Dr. Chris Amann to Combat CM Punk’s Medical Allegations

chris amannAs we previously reported, WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann is filing a $1 million lawsuit against CM Punk for alleging Amann misdiagnosed a lump on his back which turned out to be a staph infection.

Furthermore, WWE sent out a statement supporting Amann’s defamation lawsuit, and the company included video footage which served to dispute Punk’s claims.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer has posted the following on the message board regarding WWE’s decision to fire back at CM Punk:

There’s a reason this all came out.

WWE lost round one to a guy they now believe beat them at their own game and they can’t say that so this is what they are doing.

When they settled, they thought he had them dead to rights. Now they think he outworked them and they don’t take that as well.

Thoughts about who wins the court case is missing the entire point. It’s never going to trial. It’s about revenge for them being worked into caving early. At least that’s their version. They have to use the doctor because they can’t sue.

But they absolutely believe they are in the right.