WWE Fastlane Results (2/22) – Sting/HHH Face Off, Wyatt Calls Out Undertaker, Bryan vs Reigns!

Triple H enters the ring and says tempers flare but there are apologies made, and he stands by with his words, but he is the King of Kings in WWE. HHH says he waits for Sting, then Sting’s music cues up and he walks to the ring, so HHH says he wants to cut to the chase. He says he knows why Sting is there because he ‘is’ WCW, but HHH is just one guy who put him out of business, and failure follows Sting. HHH says he could give Sting his legacy and power back, and all it will take is Sting walking away, because he can live on through the WWE Network. HHH implies he will put Sting in the WWE Hall of Fame if he steps away, then HHH says they can do it the hard way and he’ll beat a legacy out of him. HHH says he won’t wait long for an answer, and he can see Sting already chose, then he takes a cheap shot, but Sting swings right back at him. HHH tackles Sting and hits him a few times, then he stomps him and gets a sledgehammer from underneath the ring. Sting blocks it and puts a baseball bat under HHH’s chin, then he backs him into the corner and HHH drops the sledgehammer. Sting points at the Wrestlemania sign, then HHH calls it Sting’s funeral, and Sting walks away but HHH tries to attack him. Sting turns and hits him with the bat, then he looks up at the Wrestlemania sign and hits a Scorpion Death Drop before leaving.

BP: A bit anticlimactic, but still great to see the match finally set up. Even if you didn’t expect the match to be set up, HHH wearing a leather jacket and taping his fists up was a dead giveaway. Either way, it’s a good match for Mania 31. 

WWE Divas Championship

Paige vs Nikki Bella (w/ Brie Bella)

Paige attacks Nikki and kicks her a few times, but Nikki rolls her outside and whips her into the barricade. Nikki rolls her back in and Paige hits a clothesline and a dropkick, then Nikki heads up top but Paige kicks her in the face and tries to slam her. Nikki comes back with a cradle powerbomb for two, then Paige attempts a PTO, but Nikki uses a distraction to get a rollup for the win. 

Winner – Nikki Bella