TNA Impact Wrestling Results (2/20) – Hardy/Wolves vs Revolution, Al Snow vs Grado, Who Won The #1 Contender’s Gauntlet?


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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

February 20th 2015

Report by Bill Pritchard for

Matt Hardy & The Wolves vs The Revolution

Matt and The Wolves run at The Revolution and hit Poetry in Motion (ala Jeff Hardy), then Matt hits Manik a few times until Storm whips him into the steps. Storm rolls him back in and Manik connects with a few punches, then he tries to keep him grounded but Matt comes back with a Side Effect. Storm tries to block the tag but Matt kicks him and The Wolves both tag in, then they unload on Storm with some kicks near the turnbuckles and drop him with a forearm and enziguiri combo. Davey slams him and kicks him for two, then Abyss runs in and whips him, Davey tries to handspring at him at him Abyss blocks it. Koya and Storm run in but The Wolves clear the ring, then they both take The Revolution out with a suicide dive, and Matt hits sets Manik up for a Twist of Fate. He pauses and allows Davey to double stomp Manik in stereo with the Twist of Fate, and Eddie follows with a top rope splash for the win. 

Winners – Matt Hardy & The Wolves

The Revolution runs back in and attacks them, and Storm drops Hardy with a Last Call before playing to the crowd. Storm 

BP: I loved the ending sequence with all three men getting to assist with the pin. The Hardys and Wolves really work well together, whether they are on a team or opposing each other. 

Ethan Carter comes out with Tyrus and says he’s not in a good mood, and that’s because someone interrupted him and cut him off last week. He says this person ruined his day, and he is going to warn this person, but Ken Anderson cuts him off (again) and mocks his complaints. Anderson mocks him for trying to attack Rockstar Spud, so he says he will take something back from Ethan, and Ethan laughs it off. Anderson pulls some clippers out of his pocket and says he’s going to shave his head right now, put Ethan sends Tyrus up the aisle after him. Tyrus gets in Anderson’s face while Spud and Mark Andrews run in from the crowd, and Anderson says Tyrus is in his way. He laughs and points at Ethan and says they aren’t in his way, then Spud and Andrews attack while Anderson goes after Tyrus. Spud and Andrews try to shave Ethan’s head but Tyrus makes the save, so they attack him instead and shave his mohawk off while Ethan watches. Spud says Tyrus was just the first customer in the Rockstar Spud Barber Shop, and Ethan is next, so let the games begin! 

BP: I’m really enjoying how they made Spud evolve as a character. He can wrestle, but when he is overpowered they don’t make it unbelievable. They are also getting some mileage out of this feud with Ethan eventhough he is injured, so if they have a singles match down the road it won’t be too late or played out.