Triple H Talks Putting Daniel Bryan Over at WrestleMania 30, Preparation for the Match, His Feelings on the Story Line Payoff & More

triple hPart two of a Bleacher Report interview with Triple H has been published, and the interview chronicles the preparation, training and execution of Triple H’s WrestleMania 30 match against Daniel Bryan. The following are some interview highlights:

On training for the match:

“It’s full on, twice a day,” Triple H noted. “I’ve got to get in shape because I know Daniel Bryan is one of the best guys in the world. And I’ve got to hang with him. I’ve got to be in there and do my part. We’ve told this massive story, and it all hinges on delivering. So I’ve got to go out there in that first match at WrestleMania and I’ve got to kill it and put him on that platform.”

On Triple H and Daniel Bryan’s styles, and HHH using the Tiger Suplex:

“I can chain wrestle. I can do all that other stuff. I just don’t do it,” Triple H said. “It’s about doing them at the right moment, safely, with a guy you can do them with. And Daniel’s a guy you can do just about anything with. He’s a little bit like Shawn [Michaels] in that you can do anything with him. So pulling that out of the bag was something I could do.”

On the story line payoff for Bryan after he won the match:

“I lean over to Steph, and I said, ‘Look at that.’ What a story. And even just thinking about it now, I get chillbumps,” Triple H stated. “To be able to take that 10-month arc of a story and have it pay off for Daniel Bryan—who on every level is just the nicest guy and a guy you just want to help succeed—for every reason you just want him to be big, and then here it is. And man, it’s huge. And you’re just like, ‘Yeah!'”