Curtis Axel Says He Won the Royal Rumble, Reigns AXXESS Signing Not Yet Sold Out, Hogan’s Beach Forced to Nix Concerts

Hogan’s Beach Forced to Nix Concerts

curtis has published an article noting Hulk Hogan’s Beach club in Florida has agreed to stop running big concerts due to complaints from neighbors in the community.

Reigns AXXESS Tickets Not Sold Out

A search for WrestleMania AXXESS VIP signing tickets for Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Shawn Michaels, Sting and Triple H are yielding no results, which means those superstars have sold out. There are still tickets available for Roman Reigns, however, as a search for single quantity Reigns tickets lists them as available.

Curtis Axel Says He Won the Royal Rumble

As seen on Smackdown this week, Triple H cut a promo discussing Royal Rumble match controversy, and following the promo a video aired on the WWE App featuring Tom Phillips interviewing Curtis Axel. You can check the video out at this link. Axel continues to claim he won the Royal Rumble match as he Tweeted the following: