Report: Daniel Bryan Behaves Strangely Following His Royal Rumble Elimination, More Live Notes on Fans Upset with Rumble Finish, “Refund” Chants & More

I was live at the Royal Rumble PPV in Philadelphia last night, and to say the crowd was unhappy with the finish of the event is an understatement.

From my perspective, it seemed like fans were less upset with Roman Reigns winning the rumble match, and more upset with the way it went down.

Virtually no one cared that Big Show and Kane were part of the “final four,” and that added to the deflation of the crowd’s enthusiasm prior to Reigns actually winning the match.

I’m not sure how it came off on TV, but massive “we want a refund” chants were taking place from the live crowd in Philly after the show was over and during Reigns’ rumble win celebration.

With regards to Daniel Bryan unceremoniously being eliminated from the Rumble match, Shaheen, co-host of the The Hot Tag Podcast, Daniel Bryan did not interact with any of the fans after being eliminated from the Rumble:

“Not exactly sure what happened, but we were near backstage and he walked right by all of us,” Shaeen said. “We said hello and he paused, looked at us with a blank stare and then walked off. He looked super pissed and completely ignored all of is. It was very awkward to say the least.”

“It was really weird,” he added. “I know people will want to believe that he was just ‘selling’ it, but it was strange. I’d like to think that I have a pretty good understanding of kayfabe and this seemed legit. He wasn’t selling anything. There were 10 of us there and he really came off like an a—hole, which is really unusual for Bryan.”