Minor Update on the Tyson Kidd/Cesaro Tag Team, Dolph Ziggler Does Stand-Up During Time Off; Former WWE & TNA Names in Attendance

Update on Kidd/Cesaro Tag Team

Antonio CesaroIn a minor note concerning Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, Dave Meltzer noted in the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer that the two have been working together at the WWE Performance Center to come up with new tag team maneuvers.

They did a really smooth spot on Main Event this week, when Cesaro switched places with a groggy Tyson Kidd and hit a massive uppercut on Kofi Kingston, who was coming off the top rope. The 6-man tag match was obviously a playground for the New Day to show off some of their new arsenal, but it’s very clear that Kidd and Cesaro have been working on material as well. 

Ziggler Does Stand-Up in L.A. 

Dolph Ziggler did a night of stand-up comedy in Los Angeles on January 8th. Several former WWE and TNA names were in attendance, including John Morrison, Joey Ryan, Christopher Daniels, JTG and his brother Ryan Nemeth. The Wrestling Observer noted that several porn stars were also in attendance.