More on Jerry Lawler Moving to WWE Smackdown, Hulk Hogan Reenacts Scene From One of His Movies

jerry lawlerMore on Lawler’s Move to Thursday Night

According to the Wrestling Observer, there was discussion of moving Jerry “The King” Lawler off the Raw broadcast team dating back as early as 2012. Plans changed when Lawler suffered a legitimate heart attack on-screen in September of that year. WWE brought him back to television two months later to wrap up an angle with CM Punk, and plans to shake up the broadcast teams were abandoned. 

With Smackdown moving to a new night, at the start of a new year, it presented an opportunity for WWE to both move the 65-year-old Lawler off Mondays, and boost the legitimacy of their Thursday night product. 

Can You Guess This Hogan Scene?

Hulk Hogan reenacts a scene from one of his movies in the latest YouTube offering from WWE. 

KILLAM: I’d like to imagine that this wasn’t actually planned, and there just happened to be a camera following Hogan, watching him do Hogan things.