Former WWE Superstar “Sir Mo” Talks Men on a Mission, Being Held Back By the Kliq, Altercation w/ Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage & More


Former WWE Superstar Robert Lawrence Horne (aka Mo, Sir Mo) was the guest on the In Your Head podcast this weekend, talking Men on a Mission, the late “Macho Man” Randy Savage, the influence of the Kliq in the WWF locker room and a lot more. 

Mo recalled a time shortly after their debut: 

“Vince McMahon calls us in at a TV taping in White Plains, NY. He sits back in his chair and he goes, ‘you know guys, things are not going the way I hoped they’d go. I think Men on a Mission needs to take a hiatus.’ … What happened? Everything was going good, we thought. We was getting good crowd reactions. And Vince says, ‘hell, I’m just gonna say it. The guys you work with around here are a bunch of p******. They’re all afraid of you guys. You come in, you don’t say much to anybody, and everybody’s afraid to get in the ring with you because they don’t know nothing about you.” 

To attempt to fix the backstage problems, Vince called a talent meeting and had the Men on a Mission stars introduce themselves to the roster, talk about their personal stories and get to know the boys. He said things were going better, but Nelson (aka King Mabel) was too young and hadn’t learned how to “work soft” yet. Because of this his weight became an issue, and led to several stars including Undertaker, Kevin Nash and others being injured. 

In terms of the current product, Mo believes that if WWE wants to build Roman Reigns as the next top mega-star, they need to invest more money in bringing Brock Lesnar to television and pay-per-view more frequently. He also talks about how Reigns wouldn’t look in a program with Big Show, who he feels has been over-exposed in matches and programs that don’t matter, and is no longer a spectacle in pro wrestling. 

Mo noted that Randy Savage – who has been rumored for an upcoming WWE Hall of Famer induction – was a big supporter of their group until leaving the company in 1994, and helped him personally when he became depressed about the direction of his wrestling career. He also praised Bam Bam Bigelow as someone who taught him and Mabel a lot in the business.